The scope of the proposed services covers delivery of all or selected issues from the below extent:

Investment preparation

  • cooperation with the Investor during selection of the investment area, verification of the site suitability for construction
  • cooperation with the Investor during development of draft project assumptions
  • cooperation with the Investor when selecting the Designer and concluding the design work contract
  • cooperation with the Investor and Designer during development of documentation
  • cooperation with the Investor and Designer in completing approvals and permits inclusive of the construction permit
  • recording, distribution and archiving design studies
  • participation or independent development of the investment budget
  • development of material and financial schedules
  • organisation and conducting tenders for delivery of construction work, development of progress effects, recommending the Contractor
  • participation in negotiations of contracts for delivery of work and supplies
  • advising the construction supervision authorities on commencement of work
  • applying for registering the site log
  • handing over the construction site

Conducting the investment

  • representing the Investor towards all the participants in the investment process 
  • coordinating execution of the project, organisation and conducting periodical meetings, making reports for the Investor
  • fulfilling the function of owner’s representative supervision by appointing resident engineers within the full scope of the undertaking with meeting the provisions of the legal act dated 7 July 1994 Building Law (Journal of Laws from 2000 No. 106 item 1126 No. 109, item 1157, No. 120, item 1268 and from 2001 No. 5 , item 42 , No. 100 , item 1085, No. 110, item 1190 , No. 115, item 1229 , No. 129 , item 1439) and secondary regulation integrally related to the above law,
  • control of the investment execution compliance with the concluded contracts
  • work quality control
  • control of material schedules execution

Conducting financial settlements

  • supervision of financial schedules execution
  • review and approval of periodical work progress protocols
  • agreeing and approving work invoices
  • recording costs on a current basis
  • development of the final settlement of the project

Investment preparation for practical completion inspection

  • preparation of notifications and detailing practical completion inspection,
  • participation in acceptances by external bodies – Sanitary, Fire Service, Labour Inspection and other entities as indicated in the construction permit,
  • cooperation with the Contractor in preparation of the facilities for acceptance inspection,
  • cooperation with the Contractor in completing the acceptance documents and their preparation for handing over to the Investor,
  • supervision of:
    • development of the facility operating manual
    • conducting crew trainings with regard to operating the installed facilities
    • conclusion of servicing contracts for the guarantee and warranty period
    • other actions depending on the investment type and the Investor’s requirements

Practical completion inspections

  • managing the work of the approval committee
  • completing documents
  • developing the practical completion inspection protocol
  • preparing and submitting an application for certificate of the facility occupancy

With regard to the actions resulting from the Investor’s needs

  • appointing a committee of guarantee reviews,
  • participation in the work of review committees,
  • recording protocols on the performed reviews,
  • preparation for the Investor of motions to the Contractors concerning removal of defects found during the guarantee period,
  • preparation of a motion for retaining or returning bonds,
  • other actions as needed.